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Mojodoo hosts a hackathon to tackle the energy crisis.

We will do what we can, in our way, in the way we do best, through smart digital solutions.

The energy crisis affects all of us right now, both private individuals, companies, and the public sector.  It can feel like you have limited opportunities to influence the situation, but we all have to try.

We’re convinced that if we bring together people with different experiences and talents, we can create completely new solutions. So together with a bunch of innovative, crazy, and brilliant minds, we will host an energy hack. The goal is to create new smart IoT solutions to help everyone reprogram themselves to be more energy-smart and promote sustainable behavior in how we use energy in the future.

No one can do everything, but everyone can actually do something!

Date and time
Fri, October21, 2022
13:00 CET

Mojodoo HQ
Mölndalsvägen 81
412 63 Stockholm